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Reason to ask lawyer for debt collection

(1) Negotiations become advantageous

Case depending on repayment (payment of money, delivery of thing) has many debtors only by lawyer sending content-certified mail to debtor as agent.
It is thought that psychological pressure that stronger legal means is taken when we do not accept request because agent is accompanied by lawyer works to debtor.

When business partner goes bankrupt, debt collection with time is played.
We entrust lawyer, and let's push forward negotiations quickly if we do not collect as soon as possible at negotiations stage as it can be enough to lose debtor's property to other creditors.

(2) We get appropriate legal procedure

Method of debt collection varies, and there is no best method to be good in all cases.

Therefore, we will explore the best means every case.
For example, future business may be cut off for it just to send certified mail to the other party.
In this case it is necessary to be able to enter field of vision, and to examine suit.

Judgment which method is the most appropriate is enabled if we talked with lawyer and can adopt appropriate legal procedure.

(3) We file suit and can enforce

When there is not debt collection though we performed sending of certified mail, statement of civil mediation, statement of demand for payment, we will finally bring up suit.

High specialty is necessary for suit.
We collect favorable evidence, and it is work taking serious effort to make document to perform our claim for persuading after having arranged, and which we asked for to expert can cope with relief and speedy.
In addition, after having won the case in suit, we enforce and must file, and this becomes also complicated.

We accomplish suit, forcible execution appropriately by asking lawyer and can plan debt collection.

(4) Difference between lawyer and judicial scrivener, administrative scrivener

There is method to ask judicial scrivener and administrative scrivener for debt collection such as making of content-certified mail.

However, it is not without question at point of accuracy, abundance of legal knowledge because originally judicial scrivener and administrative scrivener are not qualifications that planned that we perform legal support that is total that we included to criminal law as well as civil affair, business affairs.
In addition, as a general rule, about negotiations with the other party after having sent content-certified mail, judicial scrivener who does not have authority of representation in summary court and all administrative scriveners cannot perform to conflict with Attorneys-at-Law Act Article 72.
Therefore, content-certified mail which we should have sent with much effort might, so to speak, become "it keeps on sending".

For more certain solution, we recommend what is asked for to lawyer.

Basic knowledge of debt collection!