Legal aid service about legal adviser, company legal affairs consultation to legal professional corporation Marunouchi soleil law office (JR Tokyo Station 4-minute walk)

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Office summary

Office summary
"Soleil" which is office name means "the sun" in French.

It wanted to be to such a lawyer who invited people who held various legal questions to our office warmly so that the sun lighted up every people on the earth by warm light impartially, and helped solution to the problem and did with office name.

Characteristic of our office

  • ■It is kind consultation only by woman lawyer.
  • ■We ask slowly and carefully as far as we can talk about client.
  • ■We solve various problems about company legal affairs of various places of client while introducing psychology counselor ( in response to request of depending on need or clients, and cooperating mutually from both sides of legitimate point of view, psychological point of view.
  • ■We keep clarification of legal fee in mind.

Idea of office

<1> We aim at office of customer satisfaction NO1

Consultation that all of you give to is a great variety of. By case that we experienced so far, there is no identical case. During relationship with daily all of you, knowledge and know-how as lawyer are polished and think that we can provide service more. With lawyer, office worker, we will study continuously so that Regal service that is most suitable for all of you provides.

<2> We face work with enthusiasm

We assume that we work on one case with enthusiasm creed in our office each. We are thinking that confidence "that he/she shows to the most desirable direction where we keep specialty that lawyer has alive to the full, and oneself can reach" by wrestling with enthusiasm can provide good service by birth, customer. As a result, it is moment when worth doing is felt for us most to have clients please.

<3> We aim at law office which does not get snagged on existing frame

For example, are general people not things to be difficult to approach that image law office is formal until now? We aim at law office which does not get snagged on existing frame to aim at law office of the best customer satisfaction in Japan in our office. In addition, law office of scale of our office degree handled only Japanese fellow, item between Japanese companies until now. Our office flies over such frames and wrestles with Japanese about item between foreigner, Japanese company and foreign firm positively.

<4> For law office toward worthwhile law office of lawyer, the staff, the staff is treasure.

Without power of the staff, we cannot grant dream even if we pray when I who am director want to aim at law office which does not get snagged on office of the best client satisfaction in Japan, existing frame. It is my duty that is director from the start to fix environment with job satisfaction for lawyer, the staff, but each one raises aim high voluntarily in our office and aims at office which works, and is worth.

Office summary

Office name
Legal professional corporation Marunouchi soleil law office
Hisako Nakazato
The fourth floor of the 2-2-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kishimoto Building
Phone number
FAX number
Lawyer The lawyer to 12 honorary members: One staff: Two 13 night part-time jobs

It is in convenient what of a 5-minute walk from the JR Tokyo Station Marunouchi south exit. Let alone person resident in Tokyo, consultation from archipelagos of Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa, nearby prefectures, Nanatsujima, Izu including Shizuoka is possible using Sobu Line, Chuo Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Tokaido Line, too.

Office scenery

  • Office scenery 1

In beautiful meeting room, we look after privacy brightly.

The office appearance

The office appearance

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