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About consumer-protection law

It is important to company that we establish the observance system of consumer protection laws and ordinances.

With consumer-protection law

Current consumer protection legislation includes Consumer Contract Law, Specified Commercial Transactions Law, Installment Sales Law, Door-to-Door Sales Control Law, Moneylending Control Law, Interest Restriction Law and we name these generally and are with consumer-protection law.
It may be said that importance is very high as for establishing the observance system of consumer protection laws and ordinances for company to be able to become situation to threaten existence of company when correspondence to consumer protection laws and ordinances of company is insufficient.

Correspondence to consumer protection

As consumer's right awareness increases as for these consumer protection legislation, there is revision repeatedly, and, as for the correspondence of the civil authority, change is remarkable, of the legal affairs person in charge of company it is fact that have a hard time for correspondence in various places.

As it is law that is favorable to consumers, most of companies often feel a feeling of unfairness and confusion, and it may be said that it is legal system headache for company.

However, correspondence to consumer protection legislation to fluctuate cannot go because company is open on sumo ring called consumer protection legislation when we avoid.

It goes without saying that we reduce complaint itself, but let's adopt company legal affairs that complaint does not develop into consumers dispute to prevent consumers dispute.

Actions to be taken of consumers dispute

For example that consumers must be relieved in complaint case that has developed into consumers dispute, you should cope faithfully early.

However, unreasonable examples (so-called complainer) for return of the price are increasing looking for problems of contract though company is totally faultless among them and receives render of service.

Case that should fight exists to quit subsequent case because we do not escalate.

The legal affairs person in charge of company should solve consumers dispute early, and it is necessary to judge precisely whether it is injustice demand case whether it is problem case.

Make which, and solution is important in early stage as it hides risk that bad reputation spreads out through communication means such as the Internet that proprietor has consumers dispute.

At first please consult with lawyer who is specialist in law.

Basic knowledge of consumers trouble