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Specific transaction

With specific transaction

We point to seven kinds of following transactions.

  1. Door-to-door sales
  2. Mail order
  3. Telephone invitation sale
  4. Specific continuous rendering of service (the following designation 6 types of industry apply)
    Beauty treatment salon (more than one month contract more than 50,000 yen
    Language study classroom, cram school, tutor, PC classroom,
    Marriage partner introduction service (more than two months 6 types of industry of contract more than 50,000 yen
  5. Pyramid selling (so-called multilevel distributionship)
  6. Duties offer motive sale business (so-called fraudulent business practices trying to sell training and supplies and monitor commercial law)
  7. Negative option (so-called send the commercial law)

Because we do not cause fight

Because cooling-off system is applied in other transactions except mail order and negative option, proprietor carries risk of total amount return on the back.
In cooling-off system, grant of summary document and contract document is required, but full refund will be required by consumers when there is serious defect on document for the reason of duty of document grant not being carried out.

Therefore you should make contract that covered all the items mentioned necessary for document with expert carefully.

In addition, a lot of act regulation about advertising regulation and invitation is determined, too.
Therefore advertisement and invitation observe regulation, or it is always necessary to watch.

We are to evade fight that does not say that said between consumers by recording invitation progress and explanation content in case of contract procedure.

We recommend that we have lawyer see real invitation and receive check.

Basic knowledge of consumers trouble