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English contract

Importance of contract in international business

If there is between Japanese, there are common sense of values and business practices to some extent, but does not let you strain so easy when it is in foreign firm.

Because laws and ordinances or usage of trade varies according to countries by business with overseas enterprise, contract becomes required to prevent trouble.

Therefore, in international business, it becomes principle that thing lists decision matter and topic for discussion in contract finely.

Generally, it may be said that it is that purpose that it is from a large number of small articles as for the English contract used for international business, and there are many quantities, and it is in tendency becoming difficult.

In addition, please consult with our office if there are the following troubles in business with foreign firm.

  • English contract was suggested by the other party of business, but does not understand contents well.
  • We want to revise terms of contract of English contract suggested by the other party of business.
  • Based on Japanese contract currently using, we want to make English contract.

English sentence of better contents supports English drafting of the contract and review for your company to make a contract.

Basic knowledge of contract