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Precaution of contract

Contract is very important in meaning called the trouble prevention.
We do not make contract or it is supposed needing at much time and expense later by solution in question when business partner and trouble in business accrued because terms of contract are vague.

Therefore it becomes important that we do business partner and written agreement (the contract conclusion) before business start.

We negotiate by claim based on theoretical reason, legal foundation tenaciously

Lawyer to representative Nakazato of our office has had experience that performed legal advice about business engagements or other various contracts for clients such as construction industry, real estate broker, maker, retail business, service industry, the drug industry, general trading firm and financial institution (brokerage firm, bank and insurance company) of a great variety of types of industry for many years.

We might support severe condition negotiations that mutual agreement point did not seem to be able to sometimes find, but there can be thing that we were able to agree by contents which clients were finally satisfied with by negotiating by claim based on theoretical reason, legal foundation tenaciously.

We make use of these experience and support drafting of the contract and review to make a contract of better contents for your company.

In addition, we support about terms of the contract negotiations with the other party if there is hope.

Point to keep in mind in conclusion of contract

We note the following points mainly and give an advice to make a contract of the best contents for your company in our office.

(1) The conclusion of contract which the business actual situation included

It is important that we conclude contract of contents which the business actual situation included to prevent unexpected dispute. We examine terms of contract which let you have necessary width depending on terms of contract fixed terms and conditions in response to the business actual situation and usage of trade for exactly, the importance and advise.

(2) Scrubbed finish such as risks and the medical treatment

We investigate article which is disadvantageous to assumed risk and your company and examine these medical treatments and terms of contract that it is and advise.

(3) Examination of article which both sides understand

In conclusion of contract, it may be usually said that it is difficult as for the requirements all acceptable thing of either either party in contract negotiation as we reach agreement after the presentation, negotiations, concession of requirements of both covenantor. Therefore we ascertain important article for your company and examine these from legal aspect as it becomes required to examine priority of your requirements and advise.

Basic knowledge of contract