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Legal aid service for medium and small-sized business

JR Tokyo Station Marunouchi south exit 4-minute walk legal professional corporation Marunouchi soleil law office

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1. Which stage should we talk from?

We can talk from any stage. Solution to dispute that already occurred, the prevention of dispute expected in future, suggestion of growth of firm plan provide specialized and precise legal service about the company legal affairs whole.

2. Would you accept item only as for the making of written opinion?

Of course. We conduct a specialized investigation and, about legal problem accompanied with routine task, analyze without remaining in setup of new business, reclamation of new accounts and make written opinion.

3. How long will it cost legal fee?

Our office carries out cheerful accounts thoroughly. We accept request after stating amount of money clearly for quotation, and having had customer understand.
In addition, in our office, company legal affairs consultation is the first free of charge. In addition, about legal fee of each item, we cope by item flexibly.

4. Please tell about difference of administrative scrivener, judicial scrivener, lawyer.

In order of administrative scrivener, judicial scrivener, lawyer, it spreads markedly to be able to do it.
Administrative scrivener is available for making of document such as content-certified mails, but we cannot receive legal aid service and cannot become agent of suit.
It is specialist in registration, and judicial scrivener may become agent of suit as far as it was set a limit to a part.
It can become counsel that lawyer receives legal aid service let alone making, sending of content-certified mail, thing that can act for registration procedure.
Therefore at first please consult with lawyer.

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