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Issue of real estate transactions, real estate example

(1)Building evacuation

Case that had request of building evacuation for tenant who was behind with rent from lessor of building. We give up collection of rent from tenant without means, and and lessor hopes for what do not cost by forcible execution as soon as possible.

We suggested that we released unpaid rent if we evacuated building for tenant after the filing of suit early and, by settlement in suit, realized evacuation of early building.

(2)Rent increase

Case that there was consultation that we wanted to let you leave building in tenants if possible from lessor of building. But evacuation of building was difficult legally. Because we might increase rent, from me, we suggested to lessor that we did rent increase.
Lessor approved policy to increase rent.
After the mediation statement, mediation of rent increase was finally established.


Case that supplier whom we reformed had the effect with defect pointed out by orderer, and correspondence was asked for.

Filing of suit was made by orderer, and settlement in form to plan financial solution was finally established about part with defect.


Case that there was consultation about what was called for when we wanted you to consent to rebuilding of building built on the land from wanting you to request as tenant did not pay renewal fee from lessor of land and tenant. But renewal fee was not specified in lease of land.

Because lessor did not accept rebuilding of building, tenant stated leased land noncontentious case for permission as a substitute for consent of lessor. Tenant was finally settled in form to pay consent charges for lessor. According to lessor, renewal fee was not removed, but got financial satisfaction of degree that was to receive consent charges.

(5)Responsibility of broker

Case that there was request to want to do claim for damages for lessor as we were not able to open (there was not strength that could only put refrigerators for duties on the second floor of the building concerned), restaurant without enough strength of things leased from restaurant supplier whom we borrowed building from for stores to open restaurant.

We filed damage suit as defendant in lessor and brokers. Or, in the case of contract of lease, restaurant supplier was going to run business in what kind of purpose, aspect and conveyed the contents concretely, and it was just problem, but was reconciled with each other in form that lessor and broker finally paid money of solution to.

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