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Method to protect company's intellectual property

chizaiwomamoru Because intellectual property rights do not have form, we might be easily imitated. When technique and idea that we invest a large amount with much effort and obtained are easily imitated, we cannot collect investment. Therefore various laws are established to protect intellectual property.
For example, thing except rightful claimant cannot use the without permission right if we apply to the Patent Office about patent matter, model utility right, design right, trademark to be related to industry mainly and receive examination, and it is finally registration (in addition, about copyright, right is accepted without needing special procedure.)


Your company can use the right monopolistically for a certain period of time by doing appropriate procedure depending on the intellectual property rights when your company wants to protect the intellectual property rights.


Point, attention that are not thing which we file an application and have only to register are necessary in fact. For example, the contents will be announced in the future when application of patent is accomplished when assigned to patent. And it is situation that legal protection is not received while the contents are announced about patent that we applied to when not to have led to registration although we filed an application and come to be able to easily imitate even anyone. Therefore we recommend that we talk with expert enough what kind of measures you adopt for right protection.


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