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Actions to be taken when company's intellectual property is violated by another person

tizai When it is thought that intellectual property is violated by another person, your action that you should take is as follows roughly.


①At first you must determine whether rights abuse is really accepted. For example, we check right of accidents such as patent rights and analyze and receive judgment of expert, if necessary.


②If rights abuse is accepted, we give letter of warning to the other party next. Letter of warning is not necessary by all means, and naturally choice to perform offer of license negotiations is possible.


③It is up to the other party's attitude, but pushes forward negotiations with the other party if there is room for negotiations. We stop infringement to conclude licensing agreement if we reach agreement and plan financial solution, and various solutions that accepted case are possible.


④When agreement by negotiations is difficult, we file suit by the reason of rights abuse. Later settlement and judgment lead to the final solution.


It is necessary to negotiate to reach agreement as soon as possible when we file suit if possible because human cost burden becomes big. We think whether you can cooperate with rational solution that controlled expense if you can talk early as our office prepares lawyer having high bargaining power lined abundant experience.



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