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Legal aid service for medium and small-sized business

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Talk interview with licensed tax accountant

About medium and small-sized business support in the future


We would like Mr. Takahashi, today.
We think that we can talk today how lawyer and licensed tax accountant teacher can support medium and small-sized business.
How can teacher support company as licensed tax accountant?
Do you think?

Mr. Takahashi:
Many people think that licensed tax accountant has image to do thing and tax calculation to make financial statements, but, in fact, main of duties disappears there. We shift to consulting based on accounts, tax practice for company now.

For example, needs to want you to analyze for merger, the division, inheritance tax measures, succession of a business of owner, withdrawal strategy, development strategy becomes main.
In the case of big company, it can contain expert, but it is common to demand from licensed tax accountant because there are not such human resources in most cases in office in the medium and small-sized business.
Therefore while we make the relationship between customer to base by accounts tax practice, we cope with consulting needs and we are relatively young or want to support small and medium size medium-ranking enterprise.


In the case of lawyer, consulting of company becomes main in the inside to work with licensed tax accountant.
When management of company in particular did not go well, lawyer thinks about whether you plead civil affair reproduction from legal situation when we decide way which should go of company whether you file for bankruptcy.

However, it is necessary to push forward together as we do not understand that we do not ask licensed tax accountant about financial condition of company at time at all.

Mr. Takahashi:
Well, it is one-stop service with merit for customer very much to do with teacher of lawyer as tax affects all business.

Yes. We think so.
We think that we can push forward work together in the future by all means.

Bankruptcy, bankruptcy support that lawyer and licensed tax accountant can do

By the way, as future one big theme, may bankruptcy increase from now on?
How does teacher think?

Mr. Takahashi:
We think that bankruptcy will increase in future.
Under the influence of earthquake disaster, we can see that sales temporarily decline clearly.

Company having weak state of finance may be in a painful situation at a stretch here.


Mr. Takahashi:
Most every problem of the small and medium size medium-ranking enterprise are fund raising.
As bank loan is not produced in emergency as there is not fund of room, and such a company does not readily have good financial results, we think that there is case to but fall down to some extent.

There is support measure of the government, but thinks that case going bankrupt comes out without knowing means when we do not appeal.

Company which can survive is that it is a lot temporarily if they can get over hard stage.

Mr. Takahashi:
There is with the facilitation method of financing of medium and small-sized business.
There is target company using such a financing still more, but is the there being a lot of companies which go bankrupt without using situation.

We always think that we want you to talk as soon as possible when we see whether you go bankrupt and do seeing from lawyer side.
As, for example, we advance to direction of civil affair reproduction, or there is such a judgment without taking means called the bankruptcy for legal means if we have teacher of nichikuri ride licensed tax accountant see and can exceed temporary thing by adjusting fund raising to prevent temporary fund short, in the case of such a judgment, we want to have advice to Mr. licensed tax accountant in various ways.

Mr. Takahashi:
There are a lot of domains that we overlap with licensed tax accountant in lawyer teachers and can keep.

We want to do it by all means!
We would like from teacher this.

Thank you today.

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