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To cancel informal appointment

With informal job offer, we say "conditional labor formation of contract that the company has right labor contract occurs on entering a company day and to be designated unofficially, and to cancel".

Therefore, in the back that gave informal job offer, we can cancel informal appointment.
However, adequate cause is necessary to cancel informal appointment.

What is revocable reason?

As a general rule, we limit when we see objectively and are admitted reasonably and under normal social conventions with equivalency.

We settled below accepted main reason.

  • When we cannot graduate from school
  • When it is serious on there is mendacity in resume, contract and adopting
  • When we commit crime interfering with adoption.
  • When we injure health remarkably, and duty is difficult.

It is not admitted, "we cancel some informal appointments because we sent a lot of informal appointments by company's judgment error too much".

Basic knowledge about the issue of labor