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The issue of sexual harassment power harassment

It becomes sexual harassment if we feel that partner is unpleasant

We open newspaper which sexual article appears in public which touches body with sexual harassment, and makes a sexual comment let alone forcing sexual relationship, and it can be sexual harassment if partner feels with unpleasantness.

When not only compensation for damages is demanded, but also individual closes the eyes and takes no measures though we were consulted from victim, managerial responsibility is investigated, and the company may be ordered payment of consolation money, too.

Even Equal Employment Act provides, "you must take necessary consideration in employment management for prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace".

Scolding that we think of partner becomes violence

With power harassment, we say unreasonable order and violence of words to be carried out by partner with position and power.

It becomes power harassment to impose absolutely unachievable quota and not to give work at all adversely.

Unlike sexual harassment, there are not laws and ordinances about power harassment, but it is necessary to take quick measures if we grasp the actual situation as there is case ordered compensation for damages.

Labor umpire system

In addition, only for individual fight of worker and company, there is system to plan solution speedily by trial within three times in district court.

For more details, please talk with lawyer who is expert.

Because drawing where is harassment is clear neither, both sexual harassment and power harassment require attention.

Let's deal appropriately without pretending not to see when we are consulted from individual.

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