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  ■We cut Internet advertising! Basic point to keep in mind ... in use of business of ... IT technique
  ■We waited a minute! Is the advertisement not illegal? Lawyer comments on regulation for ... advertisement indication
  ■We cut my number system. To adapt to ... social security, tax number system; ...
  ■Responsibility (broker should be careful about what kind of thing?) of real estate agency
  ■It is usable succession of a business seminar ... right now! Basic frame of succession of a business ... using trust
  ■Keep personal information! Basic knowledge ... of ... risk grasp and leak measures
  ■Correspondence and measures ... judging from request example for corresponding ... restaurant to extra pay call
  ■We cut functional indication food! It is thorough commentary ... in functional indication food system that began ... at last
  ■Is civil affair trust really advantageous? It is commentary ... by instance that is abundant in merit of inflecting ... civil affair trust
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